Intelligent technology products that create genuine value for our users

define: retechnica

retechnica: [re·tek·nee·ka] (latin)

  1. Thing technical
  2. Technology matters
  3. Re( -think | -invent ) technology

Makers of

Quantified text

  • Machine learning applied to text, powering classification | personalization | summarization
  • Maximizes the value of your content
  • Designed to be tailored to you
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Makers of

Your own insight engine

  • Enables you to defeat information overload
  • Monitor competitors, products, trends
  • Powered by Ingenia, fully bespoke to you
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Products we believe in

We believe in products that exist at the intersection between intelligent software and intuitive interfaces that integrate gracefully into the way our users behave.

Intelligent [in·tel·i·juh nt]
proprietary algorithms designed to
empower their users

Intuitive [in·too·i·tiv]
interfaces that you know how to
use as you see them

Integrated [in·ti·grey·tid]
products that you can smoothly include
in your normal behavior

Who we are

innovative, creative, competent,
credible, makes good decisions

enthusiastic, collaborative,
motivates and energises others

cares most about impact,
can prioritise, gets things done

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